reasons why your site is not listed on search engines

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    A. Lack of new High Quality Relevant Subject BLs (backlinks) pointing to your inside pages. Solution: search for the BLs of popular relevant sites by searching for "link:" at Yahoo because it shows the most backlinks. Click Inlinks on the left top at Site Explorer. Then click Show Inlinks Except from this domain because some good sites fill these results with backlinks from their own site. Get your text ad on the pages of these results at a rate of 5 to 17 per week for every site maintained.The highest quality relevant webpages for all searches are found at the top of SE results. My experience as an SEO beginner has been that obtaining good msn search results is easy, Yahoo takes 6 to 18 months and Google takes 18 to 24 months. As an SEO expert (one who has many high quality sites) - well, that's a more exciting story because of the crosslink.

    B. No Updates. Solution: update your home page at least every 17 days. Go for a big change in content when possible.

    C. No or Poor Title and Description Meta Tags. Solution: Set between <head> </head> tags and make sure they reflect your page content.

    D. Lack of Good Content, Especially on Pages Accessed from Home Page. Bad content is similar content to another webpage. Good content is two or more paragraphs stating new ideas. Great content is having very few outbound links. SEO Tips: create new and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first. If you are using affiliate links, see if the affiliate program has different campaign codes for multiple sites. Affiliates must also make sure that a site adds value to the web.

    E. Bad Outbound Links. Specialist Solution: Do a manual check for low content and broken outbound links and remove them. Some broken link software may not pick up site-not-found pages. Also, add relevant high quality webpages to your site - these can be found at the top of search engines. It may not be possible to get a link exchange agreement from the best URLs, but keeping them listed will add value and could raise your Google PR.

    4. Once listed at Google, Yahoo and msn, your SE Optimization priority is acquiring relevant high quality BLs (backlinks) and content updating! Use 3A Solution above for BLs. Also, note that the best way to get free backlinks is by offering a useful service or resource. See Thy SEO Work Priorities!
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    creation of xml sitemap is also a reason to list the site on search engins.

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