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Discussion in 'Google' started by Graziella C, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Graziella C Guest

    Graziella C
    why do you get a different number of hits when you type in a search engine the same phrase with quotation marks and with out quotation marks? ex. "accounting education" gave me 37800 hits while accounting education gave me 10000000 hits
  2. graemouse Guest

    Because the "marks" are giving you "accounting education" only when those words are in order. If you use no quotes then it will find all accounting websites and all education websites.
  3. Ben L Guest

    Ben L
    a phrase in quotes is going to only search for the exact phrase.

    For example, "accounting education" will find you results only including the words

    accounting education

    in that order

    without quotes, you could also get results like

    education accounting


    someting someting accounting something something education something
  4. jackson h Guest

    jackson h
    Because, when the search engine is getting each sites cache, it searches for the literal term. Many sites will only have the phrase as itself, rather with quotations. Hope that helps.

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