SEO Question: Does anyone know how long Yahoo & Google take to crawl there...

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by DAP, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. DAP Guest

    DAP engine spiders? I bought a SEO program 8 weeks ago and sent out link requests to all major search engines MSN & DMOZ are the only major one's that have added my site to their directories todate. How long do Yahoo & Google normally take to update you. Also is Yahoo & Google harder to get your links recognised than MSN as I have over 100+ links on MSN and about 20+ on both Yahoo/ Alta Visa and currently 0 on google is this normal.
  2. dwightl.geo Guest

    google says on their site that it could be up to 2 weeks. i came to mine thae same day i submitted it.

    here are two sites to get answers
  3. Robert Day Guest

    Robert Day
    It defiantly should not take 8weeks.
    I got my site crawled within a week, I think.

    Maybe your program is faulty. Personally I would put some good content on your site and submit it personally.

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