SEO tips? I'm building a site and would like some help with SEO please!?

Discussion in 'Google' started by Paul G, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Paul G Guest

    Paul G
    I'm currently building a website and am looking for tips to get my site ranked high in the search engines.

    Any help appreciated!

    Thanks in advance
  2. sjgarstang Guest

    First tip? Do not give up when you still have zero pagerank in three months time.

    Above all else remember that content is king, there is no point in promoting a website unless you truly think it is worth visiting.

    When it is completed (not before) you can submit it to the big search engines, this is free. Do not pay anybody any money to "submit your site to 500 search engines" as only about four really matter. Avoid any offers to "guarantee top rankings" for a small fee, nobody can deliver this.

    Make sure that your meta-tags and keywords are on topic and not just a long string of popular phrases that have no relevence to your content.

    Please understand that you will receive a few answers to this question from people telling you that they know a site that can help. If they post a link with a refferal ID at the end, then they will benefit from it, not you. ( Others will post genuinely helpfull top level domains such as sites for analyzing metatags or checking keyward density, these are usefull, there are many genuine helpfull people on Y.A.)

    I know you did not mention advertising, but I will. Do not be tempted to load your site with google ads untill it is popular and even then, stick to one or two and do not expect to live off the income. If your website has good content and is well presented then people will return.

    So now we assume that your site is up and running and you are hungry for links. Promote your site as much as you can, but avoid spamming forums/blogs/other websites and stay away from link farms. Try submitting to the open directory (, if they accept you then you have created a good website. If they reject you do not be disheartened.

    The only way to rank high in search results is to provide what people are looking for.
  3. ka641 Guest

    When you finish a site and publish it go on Google and Yahoo and add your URL. Google don't look at keywords in your meta tag. He looks at your entire site (pages, pdf's and all possible text) and looking how much you have repeated words. Try to select domain name with your the first keyword. You can choose all domains .biz .info if it's not possible to register on com and net. Next most important thing is how google rank your site. You must have as much as you can links to your site from any another site. If that site have higher rank you will get also higher rank. So, better to have link on one better site then on ten worst ranked. Tip: Put your link on every site which you can. You can also put it on forrums and guest books if moderator allow that.

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