Shoe Money Tools make a huge Cut in price as a special

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    Shoemoney has released a video demoing the PPC component of Shoemoney Tools. The tool will help Internet marketers write ad copies and build huge keyword list. It?s just one of the many tools offered by the member?s only website. There are currently 18 tools in the site and members can make future tool suggestions and requests.

    Shoe first talked about Shoemoney Tools during the Top Affiliate Challenge. At that time, he said membership price would be $200 per month. Shoe set an price at $99 per month as part of his grand opening promotion. That?s a good price but I have a better deal for you.

    Get Shoemoney Tools for 80% Off

    Sign up for Shoemoney Tools with coupon code johnchow and you will get it for only $19.80 for the first month. This will give you more than enough time to try out the tools and see if it makes you money. Personally, I can?t see how you cannot make money with this. That PPC Ad Generator alone is worth the price of admission. Check out the video below to see how it works.

    Source : Get 80% Off Shoemoney Tools | John Chow dot Com

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