Should politicians (seemingly royalty) get all the freebies given to them ?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Phoenix / Deity, May 9, 2008.

  1. How can they comprehend what it's like to be a regular citizen if they don't even pay for a haircut or gas for their car or heating their paid for residence ? If they want the job (and they will) they'll do it for the prestige and a normal pay check with a very few perks.

    They spend far more $ getting elected than they earn. Also, when they retire they often make more a year in benifits (speaking engagements, pensions etc.) than most do in a lifetime.
  2. The Boss Guest

    The Boss
    Sounds like you got the green eye disease, jealous. You also down on cops getting an apple?

    I take care of the judges and they don't seem to mind.

    Where just talking about the numbers, a little prostitution and keeping the drugs with the darkies and away from the schools.
  3. dlk Guest

    H*** NO!!!! I think they need to go back into the mainstream society and stay there. Obviously they have no clue.
  4. benjamin r Guest

    benjamin r
    no, everyone involved in politics shouldnt be allowed to be in office anymore...its time to get working class joes into office.

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