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    more info


    the News in the Home page:

    the Control panel of the supervisor in the Topics:

    the page after click on image -- to test Click in one of images in the Topics

    The Text editor To write topic , news and modify it




    The script entirely based on Ajax technical wonderful to include different content, even with the control panel of supervisors

    the inclusion of photos are wonderful and very easy (for the experiment, open any topic and click on the small pictures)

    Development of appearance and Templates too easy

    Member Management System:

    Member management system very magnificence, and offers you the following services
    1 - the involvement of members
    2 - delete Member
    3 - Edit member
    4 - Change Password
    5 - freezing Member
    6 - promotion of members to various groups

    Members System of the Authors


    they can write topics Through there Own toolbar Which add to the pages After their logins

    writing topics through an advanced text editor more than wonderful for easy control

    Writing an introduction to the subject and add have wonderful BBcode for it

    edit topics that have been written by an advanced text editor

    modify any statement was contained in page topic

    supervisors Members system :


    can add Topics through the control panel of their own through the site navigation

    they can add news photo that appears on the home page (News Hack - FREE)

    edit topics that have been written

    Edit the news that's was written

    delete Topics or News

    deleting comments

    Admin control panel:


    Control of generic tools
    Examples include
    Operation or closure of the site
    Activation system bbCode or not Desiccative


    Control panel members
    It can be done in all processes available on members
    Or even to register new members


    The bbCode system Control Panel

    Through it you can navigation Code's are currently available

    To Add Code easily just by writing code and identify the variables through word
    Var identification alternative code and then can use it on topics

    This system is characterized by
    In full as easily dealt with and is one of the easiest BBCode system

    Through the control panel can add or display, modified or even deleted And they all very Easy

    Control panel
    And through it you can do the following

    Add Topics
    Add News
    Add new vote
    Add a new section

    it's developed to be unlimited in terms of classifications tree example news, general news, community news, news men world , etc

    The placement of the new section in the classification tree

    Edit section contains a piece of everything you might imagine to amend this section, which already you added

    Modify the contents of Topics
    Modify the contents of the news

    Emptying the sections from all existing topics

    Emptying the main sections, emptying all the sections that follow them in the classification tree

    Deletion of the section with the transfer of the topics to the new section

    Deletion of the section with the deletion of all the Topics contained in this section

    Delete section Raisie All that contains sections or to determine which sections you want to delete from that wish to maintain with the transfer of all topics sections are removed to other sections or deleted them too

    Edit vote
    Deleted vote
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    hm... bad Cms...

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