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    The Seahawks have a NBA Live Coins $61-million quarterback, and they’re protecting him with a $7.25-an-hour line.Shockingly, that math failed Seattle in its 36-20 beatdown by the Falcons in the Georgia Dome Saturday. It’s a miracle Russell Wilson and the Seahawks even made it to Atlanta for a second-round game with such a sieve of an offensive line.

    Game CenterIt will end up being more than the Seahawks’ Achilles heel. Unless they fix it immediately, no matter what the cost, they’re going to see their window to multiple potential Super Bowls — or at least much-deeper runs in the playoffs — slam shut on them.

    Yes, on their road to a dynasty, they’ll get tripped up the way Wilson was by Rees Odhiambo, their rookie right guard playing in yet another emergency, on that momentum-shifting safety.John Schneider and Pete Carroll are almost beyond reproach at player evaluation and personnel decision-making.

    But they’ve tried to get away with too much while constructing that line, and they’ve failed. The Falcons game epitomized that, with the Falcons’ very vulnerable front seven chewing the Seahawks up and spitting them out up front … and with Wilson running for his life all day.MORE: Falcons set example in silencing Legion of Boom.

    The loss — not unexpected, but more lopsided than it should have been — brought the Seahawks to a crossroads. They’re still in the "elite" conversation. Carroll alluded to that afterward: “It ain’t over, we’re right in the middle of it. … We’re still in Cheap NBA 2K18 MT the process, that’s what it feels like. We’re in the middle of it, not at the end of anything.
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