The Texans were good straight up Madden Coins

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    Steelers vs. Chiefs — Picks, predictions, oddsThen there's Develin, who doesn't need to run or catch the ball when he's doing so much fo Madden Coins fill Gronk's blocking void.They say it takes a village. The Patriots prefer to pillage a defense, using every personnel hole to their advantage.

    The Texans were good straight up against the run between the tackles, but had trouble staying with backs laterally and in the open field. Enter Lewis to run and run routes around them.The Steelers have a hard time covering backs outside, so one might expect the Patriots to use much more of Lewis in that case.

    The Chiefs have struggled to slow down the power inside, even more so without Derrick Johnson, so that would suggest more of a Blount game.Because the Steelers or the Chiefs might think that same way as well, that's exactly when the Patriots will flip the script or add in another wrinkle out of the backfield, such more reverses from Edelman or Amendola.MORE: Earl Thomas rips Tom Brady for taking 'easy' route.

    What Lewis did to the Texans is enough to give the upcoming defensive coordinator nightmares for a week of preparation. The thought of how the Patriots might have held back Blount or White is just as frightening.Josh McDaniels did lose a big chunk of his scheming without his Hercules. But so much for opponents finding it less laborious to Buy Madden Mobile Coins contain New England's offense. Instead, while trying to chop off the head of Hydra, they may see Cerberus popping up in its place.

    Whack-a-Gronk was a hard-enough Patriots game. With their backfield, they've turned it into throwing balls at milk bottles — or is it darts at balloons? Good luck winning that, Pittsburgh or Kansas City. Seahawks' line caved against Falcons, and could slam door on title hopes | NFL | Sporting News.

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