Truth about Internet marketing and SEO or the myths.

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    How did you learn about SEO or Internet marketing? Even though this is such a growing industry you can not simply go to school and pick Internet marketing as a subject. Well at least as far as i know. So you either try a few things yourself (Usually trial and error method) or you end up on a webmaster forum to learn from fellow webmasters. Webmaster forums is when things go wrong. You see, you just end up participating in Chinese whispers. A bit of information will get passed from one member onto another many times. Every now and then this bit of information will become out of date (Or maybe even wrong in the first place) but it will still remain in the Chinese whispers system being passed around and interpreted in different ways. What i have personally noticed a number of times is that helpful people can be very keen to help even though they might not have the experience or sometimes they might not even have a clue what they are talking about themselves. I guess the main reason why I'm writing this is to shed new light on SEO and Internet marketing of 2007 and clear away some of the myths.


    There will be people disagreeing with me. I am not writing this thread for the sake of the argument. At the end of the day we can only make educated guesses about some of the aspects SEO involves. So if you disagree with something i say, i understand.

    1) Directory submissions: When asking for ways to get backlinks 99% of the time someone will tell you to go and submit your website to directories. Don't bother! You can do better things with your time. Has anyone had any significant results recently after submitting to 1000s of free directories? Directories are the thing of the past apart from a few of these Ellette, paid directories such as Yahoo and Alive. The golden rule is that you should only submit to a directory if you think that you will get a significant amount of traffic directly from this directory.

    2) Page rank: How many times have you heard the following? "You need higher page rank!", "How do i get PR6?", "Page rank is the answer to all my problems! It cured my cancer and increased the size of my girlfriend's boobs" (Well, maybe not the last quote). Page rank is an indicator. Thermometer does not make you warmer, hot weather does. Page rank is a result of linkbuilding. The major factor that determines how well you do in SERPs (Search engine result pages) are related, quality backlinks. Not PR! On top of that visual PR is only updated every blue moon even though the actual PR updates all the time. As a result you might be looking at a PR0 page that is actually PR8. So to sum it up PR does not do anything for you itself. The only thing it can be used for is either a rough indicator of your link building activities or to sell backlinks to other ignorant people who try and increase their PR rather than SERPs or traffic.

    3) Edu and Gov domains: Are Edu and Gov domains treated differently by search engines and are given more weight? The biggest argument is that Gov and Edu domains tend to do better on SERPs than others. They do! And do you know why? Because who uses these domains? Universities, colleges, embassies and so on... Obviously University of Cambridge .edu website will overtake a game arcade .com website, not because of the domain name extension but because of being a world famous establishment and having quality links from quality sources. Even Matt Cutts covers this in his video here (watch minute 4 onwards)

    4) Earning money from Adsense: You probably want to make a living from Adsense? You might have heard all the success stories? In reality most of new Adsense users will never even make it to that $100 minimum payout. So you want to earn $100/day? You will need 1000 daily clicks with an average click being $0.10. If 5% of your visitors will click on your ads you will need 20.000 daily unique visitors. This is not easy! If you have the determination and you are willing to take this as seriously as a regular job you can succeed. You should not however expect easy money.

    These are the most common Myths i have managed to pickup. I could have expanded even further and posted a few explanations, sources and tests but then it would have been a 20 page Ebook.
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    Thanks for the info! That is good stuff to know.

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