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  1. dracodominia Guest

    Anyone know a good website site to find tutorials for Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0? I've looked, and can't find anything myself. I don't need one that JUST goes over the basics of what tool is what (I already know that), but one that goes into more advance stuff like making layouts/pictures and all the fancy stuff.
    Also, anyone know a good Photofiltre tutorial also?

    Thanks in advance!!
    I've tried google, and didn't find anything and youtube is blocked on my laptop cause my parents don't like it :p
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  3. DGrafixMan Guest

    here try this one:
  4. ??Aries?? Guest

    Try www.clusty.com. May be you can find it there.

    If not you may need to consider going to the book store and ask a salesmen to help you find it.

    If I were desperate, and I could not find it online, that is next thing I 'd do.

    Good luck to you.

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