ubuntu and Win-XP or ubuntu and Win-NT ?both?

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    I have two computers a Windows XP home service pk 2 and a Windows NT. The one running xp is a laptop, is there anyway i can run ubuntu on one or both pc's? and how without paying money? im sort of tech savy but the regestry and hard to get virtual programs scare me so please be specific with instructions.

    also note that the win-nt is very old and slow with about 4GB
    total leftover space and no usb ports taking
    CDs and floppys while the win-xp has about 15GB free space USB DVD and CD

    if it makes any differance i might condsiter paying under $100 if i dont have to use a credit card.
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    Teddy Bear
    yes you can run Ubuntu on both pc's but I'd only recommend using it on the one with 15 GB free space it can be done on the one with 4 GB free space but that would leave no space for documents pictures etc... but if you're afraid of working with partitions you can use Wubi you download it you download it it's a "Windows installer" which is only a few megabytes big you choose your settings create an Ubuntu user account and it downloads the file which usually takes about 2 hours go for a drive while it's downloading! then you'll have to reboot and you'll get a partition choice (choose whether to boot with Windows or Ubuntu) choose Ubuntu and it will take you through the first time boot deal and you'll be up and running Ubuntu good luck!

    ps. this is totally and completely free
  3. Ive got XP and Ubuntu Linux running on the same drive.

    Ubuntu is free as it is open source, the download link is :


    You must have XP installed first. Start your PC from the Ubuntu live CD, select start or install when prompted, once the Ubuntu desktop has appeared in the top left hand corner there is an option to install, double click and the installation screen will appear.

    Once Ubuntu has asked you about regional settings etc. it will then take you into the partitioning table, if you select the default setting which is on the top, Ubuntu will then automatically sort the space it needs and install its own Grub bootloader creating a dual boot scenario.

    When all is installed you will then on bootup receive a message asking which operating system you wish to boot into ie: Ubuntu or Windows XP.

    For further details read the link below carefully :


    As far as Ubuntu and NT is concerned, I will carry out some research and get back to you.

    EDIT :

    From what I can gather dual booting Ubuntu with NT is far more complex procedure, and beyond my knowledge to offer you any advice.

    Hope some of this has been useful.
  4. Hi, since ur disk space is less I recommend that u use Xubuntu which is another version of Ubuntu, but doesn't take up to much space or system resources. You will have to download the iso image from their website, and burn it to a cd. It runs in live mode first so u can check it out whether u like it and also whether it supports ur hard ware. The installation is pretty easy and u should use their own installation guide and ask help from their forums. Thats the best way. If u want to do a clean install of Linux then for learning I suggest Ubuntu no doubt. The thing is when u get used to Ubuntu u will notice other distros of Linux are way better than Ubuntu.
    I personally use OpenSuse 10.2. You can check it out at:
    Good Luck and take care!

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