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Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by dyinghardrive, May 29, 2008.

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    I have ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron and I would like to do the following with compiz

    a 3d cube effect that has an animation going on behind the cube and a fire effect when I close windows.

    I have had a look on the compiz forums and ubuntu but havent found out how to do it.

    I have found plugin's but because i'm a noob couldn't install it from terminal.

    I would really love some help on this.

    Note: I can sort of use compiz I get one face of the cube which I can turn around
    Hi compiz master as I have said compiz is working I just want to configure effects.

    So the graphics driver is installed it's says at the top.
    Ah sorry answer master just saw your note.

    it worked, many many many thanks.

    One problem left now though cant apply the burn effect to a window, you know where it burns the window away.
  2. First make sure you have graphics driver installed and then run

    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

    You will have to change some settings from System>Prefernces>ccsm to get the exact effects you want.

    (After reading the note)
    Oh, so you already have it installed?

    Go to compiz fusion settings manager

    General Options>Desktop size and change the size of horizontal virtual desktop to 4. Then you will get a cube instead of a plane.


    That's what my first edit says. "After reading the note"....

    ok let me know if that works (or not)

    Animations>Close animation
    Edit the entry to "Burn"

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