Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by Tom N, May 4, 2008.

  1. Tom N Guest

    Tom N
    I've recently thought about installing this on my brothers laptop because Vista takes up too much of his memory. My question(s) are How easy is it to use? How easy is it to setup? And do I have to un-install Vista to use it? And how compatible is it with other programs, most being video games? Thanks!
  2. nicneo Guest

    Ubuntu is a linux based operating system, you may not need to uninstall vista if your machine has a free partition on the hard drive. If you have a copy of Ubuntu on a CD, you can use it as a live CD,which means once you restart your computer with the Ubuntu CD inside, your computer will boot from the CD and let you try out Ubuntu without installing it on your system. So there you can try it out but it should be easy.
  3. Soccer Boi Guest

    Soccer Boi
    if u play video games u will not want ubuntu. u cannot use any windows program with it. upgrade the memory in ur bro's laptop or install xp.
  4. taco boy Guest

    taco boy
    well its kinda diferent from windows it takes like a day just to learn hot to use it , if you have an iternet conecction you can dowload games apps and an mp3 player but for now you can rip cd's set up is itermediate level and while you do it you get to 1delete all the hardrives crap or 2 have em both (bad idea!) if you need help e-mail me @ tayarines_kevin@yahoo.com
  5. Celired Guest

    If the games your trying to run are for windows, most likely they wont be compatible with Ubuntu. I'm not exactly sure though. Any program you use on windows has to be compatible with ubuntu, or it wont work. If you want to use windows, just get a copy of XP or Windows 2000. If you've never used any kind of linux before, just stick with windows.

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