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  1. Alison H Guest

    Alison H
    What's the difference between PSP, Gameboy and DSlite?
  2. GTOWN Guest

    I think PSP is the best. You can do a lot more things on it. Besides playing games, you can watch movies, listen to music, take pictures, and more!
  3. mwilli95 Guest

    PSP (PlayStation Portable) is made by sony. on it you can play games, watch movies, and surf the web.
    GameBoy was from nintendo it was very simple. It only played games.
    DS lite is made by nintendo. it is cool because it has a touch screen which you touch with a stylus that controls the game.
  4. Sean H Guest

    Sean H
    The good: The Sony PSP is a slick portable gaming system highlighted by an impressive wide-screen display and PS2-like graphics. It also boasts built-in Wi-Fi, a Web browser, and the ability to play music and videos, as well as to store images.

    The bad: The Sony PSP's multimedia functionality is underwhelming, especially for video, requiring expensive memory cards. The load times on the UMD games can be excessive.

    The bottom line: The Sony PSP elevates portable gaming to the next level, but its multimedia functionality falls short of its full potential.
    -- Review from C|Net

    Beyond the basic hardware
    Comfortable in the hand, the GBA bristles with four keys that are logically placed for frenzied button-pushing. You could even mistake it as controller for a set-top console, which is actually part of Nintendo's grand plan. With a port located at the top of the device, you can hook this GBA into Nintendo's upcoming and have it serve as an additional controller. This port serves other purposes, too. Buying an additional cable will allow you to hook together as many as four GBAs for more competition from your neighbors.
    -- Review from C|Net

    The good: The Nintendo DS Lite is slimmer and much sleeker that the original DS. The device employs innovative dual-screen and microphone-enabled gameplay as well as Wi-Fi multiplayer capabilities, allowing for a growing list of original and fun games that you can't play on any other system. In addition, the system is backward-compatible with almost every GBA title. All these additions come without increasing the price or decreasing the features of the original DS.

    The bad: Playing online games via Wi-Fi can be a hassle. The darker models are just as susceptible to scratches and smudges as the Sony PSP and the iPod, and its multimedia potential remains exclusive to Japan.

    The bottom line: With a slick new design, brighter screens, and a growing library of fun and innovative games, the Nintendo DS Lite is an impressive improvement over the original DS.
    -- Review from C|Net
  5. a psp is a better product because it has video capability and can play mp3s but its more expensive you have to buy external memory separate and there are few game titles where as the ds is all about gaming and has hundred as of game releases

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