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    Jun 22, 2008
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    Hey, I bumped into a webmaster forums that pays you to post. I do not know about the quality of this forum since it is pretty new, but If you are interested leave me a PM/reply with your email (it works with invitations)


    Thanks for registering at WebMaster's Heaven! We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay.
    YES, You will be paid for everything you write on this forum.
    This is an initiative by some of leaders in online industry. We are looking forward to make this forum the world's best webmaster platform. And we have a different concept. We are not here to make money FROM you. But we are here to make money WITH you.
    You will be paid 5 cents (10 Cents for first 500 Posts, is it not gud enough ?) for every post. So while you will be enjoying at this forum , You will be earning.
    All the best,
    WebMaster's Heaven
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