What are some of the best sites to find free samples and other (truly free) freebies?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by inkblack_lace17, May 9, 2008.

  1. I have just only now discovered the wonderful world of freebies on the web. I just can't believe you can request something and it'll get mailed to you! It's awesome, but I'm really new at this. What are some of the really good sites to get these freebies?
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    http://www.fatwallet.com is a good site that I found, just be careful when you sign up for the freebies. Sometimes they automatically sign you up to be on their mailing lists and you get spammed out the wazoo so be selective and read peoples comments before doing the freebie. I've gotten tons of neat items from the website from free post-it notes to free tshirts and free food. Have fun exploring! (You want to go into the community area, then free stuff)
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    i use walmart.com they have a section where you can get free samples,,,,, also,,,, try some of the drug stores, rite-aid has that,,,,, then it depends on what products you use,,,, try finding the home site of items you use, things like covergirl, olay,,,,,, proctor and gamble,,,,,, i have gotten things from all of those, even cat food/dog food,,,, alot of items will have a web address on them,,,,,,,
  5. www.coolsaving.com
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    Jun 10, 2008
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    Re: What are some of the best sites to find free samples and other (truly free) freeb

    ok wow I am amazed no one has found this out. But I actually am promoting my blog here for the social bookmark exchanges and my blog has to do about getting free stuff. I have lots of info and proof pic and how they actually work. I have step by step instructions on how to get iphones, ipods, xbox's wii's and all kinds of other stuff on my blog. check it out guys I would love to help. My blog link is in my signature so just click it, it sends you to page that you should read (tells you how freebie sites work) then just click a link from my free link list that is according to the product you want and it will send you to page that has step by step instruction on what to do. Thats it and its all free.

    hope this helps if you have any questions PM me.

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