What do you do with the small hotel soaps and other freebies?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by MeerKatje, May 9, 2008.

  1. MeerKatje Guest

    I am really interested to know if you take the courtesy items away, and if you use them at home. Would you donate them on to charity if you could?? I know it could be used on this side of the world...if you are willing to part with them!
  2. eva b Guest

    eva b
    I give them to homless shelters.
  3. What i don't use I usually take home then use for my next trip. Its more convenient than trying to put what I already have in smaller containers or in ziplok baggies to prevent spilling.
  4. pearl Guest

    I use these freebies till I stay in there and leave them there and then when I leave.
  5. CorinneI Guest

    Well, I use them. Hey its free- why not? I work for a social service agency and we get tons of this stuff donated to us. We appreciate it but everyone donates this stuff!
  6. DOLL Guest

    talk some off them
  7. KevinFlys Not Active

    May 19, 2008
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