What does better in affiliate programs?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Watson, May 9, 2008.

  1. Watson Guest

    Banners or Text.
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    Mark Welch
    Successful affiliate marketing is "all about context."

    Context means displaying information about a merchant or product "at the right moment" and "in the right way."

    For consumers who are searching for a specific product on Google, affiliates may choose to create text pages that match specific search phrases, or they may place paid PPC ads for those keywords (with traffic passing either to the affiliate's site or directly to the merchant).

    On their own web sites, affiliates may use either banners or text (or other ad formats, such as widgets or PopShops units), but to be effective the "affiliate site" cannot just be a jumble of ads -- it needs to be responsive to a consumer need, and add some value to the consumer.

    Finally, some web publishers choose to maintain a very strict "line" between editorial and advertising, and therefore they may prefer to limit advertising to discrete "ad blocks" (such as banners or the kind of text-ad blocks that Google AdSense offers).

    Again, it's all about context. Some affiliates have sites where banners generate all or most of their affiliate revenue. Many affiliates have web sites which generate most affiliate revenue through text links. Many do both. Some affiliates run banner ads through Google AdWords or other ad networks, to appear on content sites; other affiliates run text ads through AdWords, with the ads appearing adjacent to Google search results, other search engine results, or content sites.
  3. It will depend on where you place your ads online and on the creative of both ad types.

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