What is SEO Black Hat and SEO White Hat ?

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  1. We are IMASEOCONTEST, we are doing some research on SEO Black Hat vs SEO White Hat. What is the different between Black Hat and White Hat. http://imaseocontest-seo.blogspot.com
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    Black hat is anything that you would not mention at an interview. White hat is smart business. Examples of black hat are spam and cloaking.

    White hat is content generation and improving your site map.
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    White hat SEO improve usability or accessibility of the site while it also improve SEO Factors.

    Black hat SEO potentially improve SEO factors, although it harms user experience in terms of human-computer interaction with a web resource or application.

    Gray hat SEO work improve SEO factors but does not add value in terms of usability or accessibility.
  4. In many ways SEO is hacking.
    Dont take offense. Its just that search engines keep rewriting their code to try and give dynamic sites a higher place. Answer sites, sites with articles, forums, blogs. And sale sites keep working to get around that. In hacking white, grey, and black hat are fairly common terms.

    White-Hat refers to those who do not break laws, who follow rules, and do not violate EULAs or Terms of Service agreements.

    Grey-Hat are those who are willing to break rules for what they feel is a cause of good.

    Black-Hat are the "bad guys". Like in old american cowboy movies. They have no care for laws and rules, and they do things completely for themselves.

    By the way, in the areas of hacking, and SEO, I consider myself whitehat. In SEO that means making recommendations which use sites the way those sites want to be used. Both the search engines, and other sites (social sites, forums, blogs, etc). A blackhat SEO tends to recommend abuses of social sites such as MySpace or abusing forums or abusing blogs using them strictly for advertising. There are ways to use them properly for SEO gains but of course spamming is quicker and easier than doing it right.

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