What is your average AdWords clickthrough rate?

Discussion in 'Google' started by mss, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. mss Guest

    I have been trying to find statistics on clickthrough rates in Google AdWords and have not been very successful at it. Can anyone suggest a good resource to find some statistical information to measure my results against? Also would you like to share your own statistics, if you have used AdWords.
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  2. Isabelle M Guest

    Isabelle M
    Did you add the Google analyctics code to your site? Google is very accurate.
  3. ellathinks Guest

    Here's a helpful article to answer your question about adwords...
  4. Draper Guest

    It all depends on your ad and how much you're willing to spend. Google doesn't release CT% so I understand why you're not finding solid numbers.

    Early this year I ran a test for my spirulina supplement site http://www.xSpirulina.com. I found that it didn't matter if I was in poisition #1 or position #6, my CT% was right around 6.3%. I had some ads that weren't worded as well as the others (I didn't know it at the time though) and my CT% was as low as 2.5%. However, the #6 position cost me 50% of the #1 position.

    Further, I found that when I mentioned the price of my product in the ad my conversion percentage (the one you REALLY want to be high) jumped by 40% from 5% to 7+%.

    Good luck!
  5. Marketing99 Guest

    My site is 3CTR.
  6. Jay G Guest

    Jay G
    I've gotten some words as high as 20% i think but its got to be very low comp or a very good ad. if optimized right almost anyword can get 3-5% is my guess. if words don't get impressions I delete and find new ones.

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