What program will work with uploading pages to godaddy?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by Matt W, May 9, 2008.

  1. Matt W Guest

    Matt W
    I am so ticked right now, I spent about 8 hours making my site with blue voda and then tried putting it on the enternet with my godaddy account and it didnt work, so I need to know what programs will work so I can upload pages to godaddy, thanks!
  2. Fremen Guest

    I have three sites on godaddy I use Core FTP to upload to my sites.. http://coreftp.com/
  3. asailorsstar Guest

    according to their cust support the only programs that work well are dreamweaver and frontpage.. which sucks.. i have a go daddy site, and after about 14 hours of messenger help from a friend of mine, i got a VERY basic site up {I'm a photographer} -- it sucks tho, because now i cant figure out how to do it again, and I'm living @ a remote navy base in the Caribbean, its not like i can just go somewhere and learn it... good luck!

    for loading pages, i use filezilla {suggested from GoDaddys staff to use}
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