What Will Americans Think as Dems Give Freebies to Illegals While Americans are in...

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Jeff, May 9, 2008.

  1. Jeff Guest

    ...a Recession? How will Americans handle all of the freebies Dems strive to give to illegals --- high school and college educations, healthcare, housing, heating assistance, welfare, food stamps --- while Americans suffer in a recession and lose their jobs?
  2. Fujoshi Guest

    I can only hope that they will be as pissed off as I am that an american citizen (me) needs to remain in pain and anguish because I have no health insurance while illegals get high school and college educations, healthcare, housing, heating assistance, welfare, food stamps, exc.

    Aparently I can't get help for MY problems because I'm a US Citizen, white, and have the ability to mooch off my family.

    It is sad... REAL sad!
  3. RedBad M Guest

    RedBad M
    Bzzt. Wrong.

    NeoCon deity GEORGE BUSH was the loudest voice sponsoring the AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS legislation last year.

    ..thanks for playing though...
  4. McCain '08 Guest

    McCain '08
    i am glad bush is leaving for the sole reason of his support of the mexican invasion but the dems will supply transportation for the mexicans to come in.
  5. My god - how frightening. That could be just as bad as the last time a Dem was elected just as a Republican recession began. How are we possibly going to endure that again? 8 years of solid economic growth, reducing poverty, 24 million jobs created, middle America getting richer. It will be hell!
  6. grumpyoldman Guest

    And I ask you, just what did your republican controlled congress do from 2000-2006 to enforce our immigration laws? Or the congresses before them? Have the illegals been getting any government assistance in the past 7 years? Or did it all start in Jan. 07? Get a grip, the Democrats and Republicans do not want them gone. Would be bad for profit.
  7. race war Guest

    race war
    they all said they would and they all said that they won't...Edwards said he'd find a way..that group is a disgrace
  8. Economic ups and downs are a normal part of a free-enterprise market.

    There are no ups or downs in a totalitarian controlled economic structure. There is no unemployment. All news media reports are always happy. It will be blissful. We will only compete with our joyful North Korean comrades to see who can smile most widely.

    Believe and Obey.

    (See ya in re-education camp!)
  9. googie Guest

    Why don't you ask the Democrats about that good stuff.? They promote it at the expense of Americans. But illegals are the Democrats' Bag. They never represent their constituents.When the elections are over all state residents are constituents. You won't hear that from Mr.Dodd. He's never in the state long enough to speak with us unless there is a Sikorsky contract or a new sub at Electric Boat.
  10. freepress04 Guest

    Comrades will prevail...
  11. el guapo Guest

    el guapo
    i am thinking what will the 21st centuries version of the Boston Tea Party look like.
  12. KuckFatrina Guest

    not good, im moving to canada
  13. realst1 Guest

    Since the Bush administration ignores the laws on the books about prosecuting businesses that hire illegals, I would have to say that Republicans are the ones who support illegals, giving them jobs, and amnesty.

    Repubs keep making more laws that make it easier for corporations to export American jobs, pay workers less, ignore pension obligations.

    Prosecute the corporations who hire illegals so they stop hiring and illegals will go home. Yeah, Bush, I am talking to you.

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