What's the best website out there for freebies and samples?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by MinniganGirl, May 9, 2008.

  1. MinniganGirl Guest

    There are SO many I don't know where to begin!
  2. jstr12001 Guest

    try CNet
    depends on what your afte exactly :)
  3. mdevlwmn1 Guest

    Spoofee.com - go under the free goods tab. It's regular people who post freebies they find on the internet. I've gotten TONS of stuff from them already. Samples, free magazine subscriptions, links to secret shopping opportunities, etc. They also have coupons for stores both on and offline and they let you know about any really good shopping DEALS on that first page. I picked up some real steals over the last few months.
  4. Beaker Guest

    The Freebies Blog:
  5. cloud851 Guest

    i dunno there's sooo many and they're all good... just don't go to the ones that when you click on it, it's like 'oh sign up for this teddy bear first"

    every week www.walmart.com has new free samples and they come really quick... type in free samples in the search box
  6. Kodi F Guest

    Kodi F
    try walmart.com thats what my mom does
  7. Jennifer G Guest

    Jennifer G

    From the site "Welcome aboard! This is for all you freebie lovers out there who are tired of wading through survey h*ll and rips-offs in order to find legitimate freebies. I've already done the work for you! Every freebie listed in my blog posts is guaranteed to be legitimate because I have already signed up for it myself. If you are new to the freebie world, please read my Getting Started Guide below before you dive in. Happy freebie reaping!"
  8. i want to know some too!

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