Where can I go for a free domain registration and webhosting?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by julie_4pres, May 9, 2008.

  1. julie_4pres Guest

    I am just starting my own business in Toledo, Ohio and would like to know if there are any sites that offer free domain registrations and webhosting to start off.
  2. Shawn M Guest

    Shawn M
    Plenty of free webhosting sites out there, but the problem will be they will put ads on your site.

    I am not familar with any free domain registrations, but you can get one from yahoo for 1.99.
  3. prgirl Guest

    This is a site that will at least use your business name BEFORE thier own URL:

    (ex: myfabuloustore.20megsfree.com)


    or you can get a free domain name with the 5.95 a month package at http://www.siteground.com/. (if you leave for a different hosting site they charge 14.95 a year for the domain name.

    Best of luck.

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