Where I can find some really good baby coupons or freebies online?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Jennifer M, May 9, 2008.

  1. Jennifer M Guest

    Jennifer M
    I've tried Coolsavings but I found nothing on there at all.
  2. button Guest

    My friend always goes to pampers.com and huggies.com try those out she seems to like them alot
  3. traci Guest

    babiesonline.com - they give you links to tons of manufacturers who will gladly send you coupons.

    I personally called a few companies that I have used regularly in the past - Gerber, Johnson & Johnson, Pampers, Similac, Kimberly Clark - who not only sent me tons of coupons, but also mailed me tons of free coupons!

    I have found that the more I apply for coupons online, the more I end up on spammer lists.
  4. #3ontheway! Guest

    Try babyzone.com!
  5. skydivin05 Guest

    pampers has send me tons of coupons that will be used
  6. chakwaina18 Guest

    In addition to the sites already mentioned, there is Nestle's Good Choice formula website for free formula/coupons, and also Parents Choice, the Walmart baby formula will send you a free sample of the formula and coupons.
  7. rocknrobin21 Guest

    Start with the actual companies! You can sign up for the Enfamil "New Beginnings" club, and they send you a TON of formula coupons and free samples. Try Pampers and Huggies websites, as well as BabyZone.com. You can also check out ClubMom.com, they have some decent stuff if I remember correctly! And try the web sites for Parenting and Parents magazines. Also... if you live in a state where there are Publix supermarkets, join their baby club. They send you an awesome book and tons of coupons! Best of all, they continue to send coupons every 3 months until your baby turns 2! Oh... and BabiesRUs and ToysRUS mailing lists are great places to get them, as well as getting on the Target Baby mailing list! Hope this helps!
  8. livysmom27 Guest

    If you sign up directly with the diaper, formula & baby food companies, they will send you loads of coupons and often, free samples as well. I signed up at each of these sites when my girls were newborn and continued to get coupons for years. Here are some manufacturers websites to try -

    Welcomeaddition.com (Similac Formula site)
    Baby.com (Johnson & Johnson)
    EarthsBest.com (Baby food)

    You might also check out StartSampling.com. They have all sorts of samples, including baby stuff.

    Take care! : )

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