Where Would i get freebies and samples in australia only?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Ieshia W, May 9, 2008.

  1. Ieshia W Guest

    Ieshia W
    I was just wondering if any way new where i would get free samples and freebies from australia only from and avaliable from australia
  2. Kellieee. Guest

    check on the internet, go on google or something and type free samples or something.

    there are tons on the internet, and they send it to your house.
  3. NotoFroto Guest

    I really like http://www.sampleaday.com . They give you a free sample everyday with no stupid surveys to fill out. I like it because I actually get my samples from there. You can sign up for the free e-mail subscription and they will send you the sample of the day to your inbox. but it is not required you submit your e-mail or any information to get the sample. Its pretty good.

    It is an american site, but they have some world wide offers on there too... doesn't hurt to check them out
  4. Alana Acidic Guest

    Alana Acidic
    It depends where you're from. I know that David Jones and Myer in Sydney do Estee Lauder samples in a gift bag. I'd say that going to a department store is your best bet.

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