Why does Yahoo News as well the rest of the US news sources, always report

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by boldi64, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. boldi64 Guest

    Hillary news in a negative way? For example, in your today's headlines you say that "Obama is ahead by 2 delegates." Since most people never get past the headlines, they are left with the impression that Obama is ahead when in fact he is behind by 57 delegates and there are states that are still counting. I believe that the media dislike the Clinton's, and they want the democratic race to be close because it sells more ads. As Tip O'Neill said, "if you want to know why - just follow the money!!" What say you?? Why doesn't the press just report the news and stop trying to control it?? And how about keeping your personal feelings out of your press reporting! You're getting to be very much like a personal letter from the owners/editors, who show up like someone who is full of fear and lacks self asteem so needs to CONTROL everything. GROWUP and see a mental health professional!!
  2. eddygordo19 Guest

    A lot of folks dislike the Clintons. Obama has won the popular vote so far which means most people dislike Hillary. I guess that's what elections are all about.
  3. Solomon Guest

    you think clinton's news is negative...try being a conservative....not even close to hillary.
  4. The Wiz Guest

    The Wiz
    You are exactly right. The media should be reporting the news as it happens without ejecting their opinions & playing favorites. Obama is the new media "sweetheart" and they blatantly demosntrate it time after time.
  5. Right winged conservative Republicans have owned a majority of the News Networks since the 1960's and with that power they do essentially control what you see and hear through their filtered lenses.
    Yahoo news is controlled by ABC which is VERY right winged. It's owned by a STAUNCH Bush supporter.
  6. nac7149 Guest

    Hitlery is bad for the country.
  7. toonmili Guest

    No way.... I had a similar question about this and to me it seemed like her headlines are mostly positive. And she is not ahead in pledged deligates. She has more super deligates right now... but they can change their mind at anytime.
  8. I hear ya. You know, it is a media controlled election. I am so happy to see that so many Hillary Clinton Supporters are strong and see the truth.

    She is great and can handle it all.

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