Why does yahoo news keep connecting Obama's success with Backs vote?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by The-White-Obama, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Every time i read their news, all they talk about is how Obama's victories are depend on Blacks vote and stuffs...
    he has won primaries in Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Missouri. all of them have high population of Whites way more than Blacks , and there are also so many Black voters and super delegates supporting Hillary as well, why doesn't yahoo get it together, without the Whites' vote Obama would never come this far
  2. Thats true. I'm black. I voted for Obama, but I get so angry when people say "black vote this and black vote that" There are virtually no blacks in Iowa and Utah, etc. You're right.

    People/sources who only focus on the black vote make a consious decision to discount the millions of White, Asian and Hispanic Americans who voted for Obama because they believed in something better.

    That really annoys me. Anything to brainwash the average voter, I guess.
  3. It is a narrative that the Hillary camp introduced in SC when it became obvious that they were bleeding black voters. Obama initially did not have much black support at all. By time SC rolled around he was getting 2 black votes to 1 for Clinton.

    The Clinton camp realized that 2 to 1 was likely the best they could get so they wrote off the black vote in an effort to discredit Obama by saying he was a "black only" candidate. This is a longstanding practice of white politicians in the south and enraged a lot of older blacks who were staunch Clinton supporters.

    That is why Bill tried to liken Obama to Jesse Jackson in SC.

    Since then Obama has taken 80+% of the black vote and as the clinton's have hoped the media has repeatedly asked/speculated if Obama is just a "blacks only" candidate.

    Obama has fought this by repeatedly cutting in to groups that clinton owned. Hispanics killed him in NJ and Cali. He won them in New Mexico. Obama actually won white women in a few states.
  4. Joe R Guest

    Joe R
    Blacks only make up 12% of our population and most of them don't bother voting, so that tells me that Yahoo is liberaly biased.
  5. Giza Breck Guest

    Giza Breck
    The same way they connect Hillary to white uneducated voting women over 50. It's very offensive to voters of both candidates to be either excluded, or included en-masse.
    Obama supposedly gets Blacks, well-educated whites and young voters.
    Hillary gets uneducated whites, and women over 50, tell me which is most offensive. However, the media does play into both the race and gender card when they lump voters into these categories and are, I believe, causing a big part of the rift within the Democratic party by using stereotypes that are actually not representative of all the people voting for each candidate.

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