Why is it that the Yahoo news headlines always have a liberal slant?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by A. Browning, May 9, 2008.

  1. A. Browning Guest

    A. Browning
    Does anyonen know of a search engine that doesn't always put liberal motivated news stories at the top of it's headlines like Yahoo tends to do.

    I'm tired of always reading them
  2. Elizabeth J Guest

    Elizabeth J
    I don't know.

    REALITY has been getting quite liberal lately.
  3. Yahoo news stories do almost always have a liberal slant, espically the ones that are displayed on the little window as you sign into Yahoo messanger. I came across your question as I was also searching for other people who felt that Yahoo, more than Google, tends to put anti-Republican and anti-conservative stories and opinions at the top of its pages. Personally, I use google news as my homepage because I feel that you can personalize it more and get a more stories that don't read as though they were written by Nancy Pelosi.
  4. My Love ? Guest

    My Love ?
    CUZ LIBERALS ROCK THE WORLD!................
    if u cant tell i am one

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