Why is Yahoo News ultra liberal like most US Media, is Fox News the only fair

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by anchoramerican, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. and balanced news available? You print Polls about the demise of the GOP based upon the opinion of less than 1000 eligible voters, all coming from some of the more liberal states ie. Penn. and New Jersey. Looks to me like Yahoo like most Liberal Media is trying to influence voters based upon opinions of a biased group. Printing the results that only promotes there on interest, rather than the interest of their Subscribers as a whole. That probably is the true definition of 99% of American News Medial. I am glad I am not like the puppets that are drawn to you. Your liberal and biased news only angers me and actually leads me away from your interest. You know, I think for Myself. Sometimes I wish Yahoo wasn't such a great service otherwise I would seek a conservative minded outfit that allowed me to think for myself without trying to influence me with onesided, biased and liberal propaganda. Chill with you news and just continue to provide a great iNet service.
  2. WBrian_28 Guest

    Fox News is THE most biased news out there. It's just that you agree with them. They also have more factual errors than any other news network (Sean Hannity saying Monica was 19 - Bill O'Reilly posting that Foley was a Democrat - just two recent examples).

    If you don't believe me, check out this link (and they're non-partisan - they go after the NYT as much as they do Fox).
  3. carson123 Guest

    ...I say it's a turn-about of fair play. We have been subjected to decades of liberal media control - they have had it all - the big three networks (NBC, ABC, & CBS), CNN, MSNBC, most major newspapers - I find FOX News and talk radio a welcome relief to the constant liberal politics we have had to endure.
    ...I like hear to pro-America, conservative reporting, whose ideas represent what most of American believes. Others opinions make for a lively and good debate, but who really wants or needs to hear the constant liberal barrage against the US and our elected officials? It makes me think the LIBS like it to have things going bad - and so far, what is their agenda? Do they have any ideas except for hating President Bush?
    ...FOX News and Talk Radio are having an effect, too - listen to complaints of the other side - and Bush was elected in the last election without the benefit of and in spite of their liberal media political machine.

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