Will godaddy remove my site files/data one the hosting period expires?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by Allan E, May 10, 2008.

  1. Allan E Guest

    Allan E
    I am ready to buy some hosting for my site. At this time though I just want it uploaded and able to tweak the site settings and such for a public launch later this year.
    I'm paying for one month, as I don't think I'll need for a second month just yet.
    I will be activating it again a month or two after but want to be sure the database,settings, files, etc everything still exists.

    Does godaddy keep data even though I may not renew it right away or for a month or so?
  2. dominp Guest

    they usually give you about a week grace period then it will be deleted.

    The way it works, say your hosting expires on May 1st...usually your site will work great with no problems until about May 3rd or 4th. At that time they will reroute your DNS so it goes to a parked page, basically people will not be able to see your site any more but it wont be deleted.

    If another week or so goes by and you still have not renewed it then it will get deleted. If you want to start hosting again with Godaddy you will basically have to buy a new hosting account and start over with it since the old one will be gone.

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