Will Huntelaar of Ajax play in the Premiership next year?

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by scjazzguitar, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. scjazzguitar Guest

    Will Huntelaar of Ajax play in the Premiership next year and if so which team do you think will sign him?
  2. hes a terrible player, slow, weak, poor movement, always static, bad touch, not creative enough to drop into deeper roles

    he will never play for a top club
  3. Jerkid Guest

    Probably not... He will choose to play in Spanish League rather....In Real Madrid according to Robben.... Only if Man Utd, Chelsea or Liverpool pay a heavy amount of transfer fee then only he is liking to play in EPL
  4. ?Ali Baba? Guest

    ?Ali Baba?
    Huntelaar will sign for West Ham to forge a meaningful strike partnership with Freddy Sears. Then West Ham will get into Europe :)
  5. reshef Guest

    i fink hentelaar is plays 4 liverpool yuks suk
  6. linkvader Guest

    apparently chelsea is in the lead and they may sign him in the summer. but it think he may head to italy since juventus has also shown interest and so has ac milan.

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