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    AutoBlogged version 2.1 is a WordPress autoblog plugin with hundreds of new features and is the most powerful autoblog script available for WordPress.

    AutoBlogged is way beyond a simple autoblog script. You can use it to build complex content portals, news aggregators, video blogs. Or even better, use it as a domain parking alternative and build real keyword-rich content that drives organic search traffic!

    Here are some highlights:

    • Image and Video Support
    • Custom Post Templates
    • Advanced filtering
    • RegEx Search & Replace
    • Override feed data
    • Built-in tagging engine or use Yahoo! tagging API
    • Automatic categorizing

    For more information or to purchase, visit autoblogged.com.

    Use coupon code TAKETEN for $10 off a single site license and coupon code NP30 for $30 off an unlimited sites license.

    Full Feature List
    RSS Feed Sources
    • Configure multiple RSS feed sources with the ability to enable or disable individual feeds
    • Support for RSS 0.9, 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, 2.0, and Atom 0.3 and 1.0 feeds. Also supports RSS modules including Dublin Core, GeoRSS, ITunes, Media RSS, RSS 1.0 Content, W3C WGS84 Basic GEO, XML 1.0, and XHTML 1.0.
    • Numerous pre-defined searches to locate articles via Google Blog Search, Technorati, Blogdigger, Blogpulse, MSN Spaces, Google News, Flickr, YouTube, and others
    • RSS Feed autodiscovery?if you don?t know the exact feed URL, just enter the page address and AutoBlogged will often find it for you.
    • Ability to override the automatically extracted feed data, such as author or source, with your own static values or values.
    • Set the default post status to Published, Pending, Draft, or Private

    Post Filtering
    • Domain and keyword blacklists to block posts from certain domains or that contain certain keywords
    • Duplicate post checking based on title and/or URL.
    • Feed-specific filtering based on all words, any words, exact phrase, or none of the words specified.
    • Feed-specific search and replace features using regular expressions to rewrite words, URLs, fix invalid content, replace affiliate IDs, etc.

    Categories and Tags
    • Assign each feed to a specific blog category or subcategory.
    • Visits the original URL to extract additional tags using the internal tagging engine or using the Yahoo! tagging API.
    • Tag blacklists prevent certain tags from appearing on a post.
    • Provide a list of tags to randomly add to each post to increase the density of long tail phrases and other targeted keywords.

    Post Templates
    • Post templates let you randomly select from one or more post formats to ensure variety and to accommodate any number of site requirements.
    • Insert variables from post, original feed, or any values you define.
    • Random and Conditional Select Lists to add variety to each post.
    • Include images, video, flash and other content in your blog posts.
    • Automatic image, logo, and favicon detection.

    WordPress Integration
    • Full integration with WordPress security and user permission features.
    • Attribute posts to WordPress authors when incoming posts use that author?s name.
    • Uses site information from WordPress blogroll when that site already exists in your blogroll.

    Other Features
    • Uses the built-in WordPress cron feature so cron access is not required.
    • Executes at random time intervals to create a natural appearance.
    • Disable cron operations without disabling the entire plugin.
    • Set the HTTP Referer and User-Agent strings to use when visiting the original sites to advertise your site or provide opt-out instructions or contact info to other webmasters.
    • Full PHP source code included.
    • Support forum and e-mail support for all registered users.
    • Free minor version updates included.
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    Are there any forum thread that I could read that would contain testimonial or comments about this product. I am interested but want to know what people have to say about it.
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    I currently don't have enough posts on this forum to post links but for reviews I would suggest a google search, there are several sites that have reviewed the plugin.

    Or you can go to the forums at support.autoblogged.com and ask other users what they think of the plugin.

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