Would you agree that Yahoo news and all major news corporations are very biased?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by larry G, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. larry G Guest

    larry G
    COME ON! One of the top stories today is about some girl who won an essay contest and got her prize revoked. WHO THE **** cares! There are people dying every day of hunger, war, lack of water, terrorism, etc... and all they focus on is some little liar from Texas who BSed an essay. This is ridiculous
  2. idahomike3 Guest

    surveys,polls, many different marketing studies, all tell them what sells...what brings the viewers... that is what they put on... then a little real news just for effect...
  3. all news corporations are biased. 99% are biased in favor of higher raitings, and scandle and sensationalism attract interest (much to the shame of the human race). And even after they make their first decisions based on popularity, the stores are all written by flawed humans. and usually presented by more humans. A good journalist will attempt to present as much of a complete and unbiased accounting as possible, but even things as subtle as tone of voice can show that their own personal believes/morals/standards may be approving or disaproving of some side of the story.

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