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    My team and I are offering high quality blogpost on PR4, PR3, PR2, PR1 and some new blogs. At present we are selling only 10 packages (first come first served) for the following niche:
    - Web Hosting
    - Web Design
    - SEO
    - Web Development/Script/Software
    - Music/Games

    Your will get 10 unique blogpost of about 200 or more words with 2 links giving you 20 quality backlinks. The price is $100. 10% discount for the first 5 customers.

    Features of the domains/sites
    - Real blog with contents, not splugs blogs just full of blog reviews
    - Aged domain, some domains are 10 years old, non of our domains/sites is less than 1 year old.
    - Non of the domains are dropped domains
    - All site are self hosted, not hosted on free free blog hosting site
    - Sites are trusted by Google, some of your blogpost will be visible in Google within a few days
    - We are always building new links for our blogs

    Features of articles
    * Article is written by us.
    * Unique copyscape article written for each blogpost
    * Image in article if you provide image of url

    We will add your site to 1 PR4 + 1PR3 paid directory FREE OF CHARGE. This alone is worth over $20

    Because we have high standards and to protect out blogpost customers, we are choosy about the sites we accept, please send your url via PM first so that it can be verified.

    If you are not happy with the article/blog post we will refund 100% of your money.

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