[WTS] Soccer/Football Directory , PR4 , 8yrs old, 5k backlinks,

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    Im selling off all my directorys, this being one of them


    Domain age (approximately):
    8 Years, 0 Months, 25 days..


    Valid PR4 Google cache
    has been PR4 for 4 google updates now, was pr3 before that.

    Currently Ranks : google.com

    Football Directory : 2nd place
    Soccer Directory : 11th place

    Its not that competitive , it could easily be ranked for number 1 on both terms, i havent promoted it in along time.

    Assume no revenue, it gets some adsense clicks every now and then. never really been monetized.

    Traffic , between 1 and 15 unique visitors a day, nothing major, google analytics's can be shown if required once a deal has been made, im not going to waste my time getting screen shots until someone is really interested.

    Last month it had a new esyndicat licence and template installed,which is worth $120.

    I think ive covered everything if not please PM me.

    Starting bid $150
    Reserve : not decided
    BIN : Not decided ( willing to listen to offers )
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