Yahoo News: "Democrats want Iraqi gov't to spend oil surplus on

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  1. reconstruction." wolfowitz SAID they would,so? Was that just ANOTHER lie from the bush administration?

    And something else to keep in mind ultimately, the resources of Iraq will pay for its own reconstruction. It's some period of transition, we don't know how long, before they can really get on their feet. I remember in the hearing before the Senator's committee, one Senator said to me, it's going to cost $5 billion just to get oil production back up to the million barrel a day level. We reached a million barrels a day a week ago with an investment of just a few hundred million."...
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    Since when does the Assistant Secretary of Defense set policy?

    Only the most delusional liberal would think that a minor bureaucrat holds the key to foreign policy.

    You are a hot piece of @ss but you sure are stupid.
  3. Did you enjoy the latest punking:;_ylt=Aq_IG9jb2vNixr95NHrGlOHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080409015640AAGc15L
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    That was just another of the many many lies told by Governor Bush and his administration in there effort to sell this illegal war to an already frightened American public.

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