Yahoo news--too much video?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by mystified milke, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. I click on Yahhoo, look at the news headings and if I'm interested get the whole article. I do NOT want to download and watch a video, esp at work. If a candidate is withdrawing, just tell me. I dont need to see the tearful speech.
    Anybody agree?
  2. Yeah, I agree. Sometimes I need to read than listen and watch.
  3. Jen R Guest

    Jen R
    Yes! That's why I just go to Google news. It has the top news with different sources of the same article and very little video links. I have quit looking at Yahoo news b/c of the exact reason. P.s. you can taylor your google home page to have the type of news headlines along with clock, weather, moon cycle, horoscope. It makes life so quick and easy.

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