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    Fox News has the slogan " Fair and Balanced" But I believe like so much of the main stream media they have their bias agendas. I have found that Yahoo News is one of the most unbias fair and balanced places that we can get our information on the candidates and how they stand on the issues from. What do you think. Check out the video interview section on yahoo news election08. Yahoo News Up Close and personal has interviews with each candidate where one on one they ask them basically the same questions. Try this link and let me know your opinions.
  2. Obviously any news whether on television or in print has some sort of biased. That's why people should get their news from more than once source. You would hope that pople are smart enough to know this and are able to read between the lines. Unfortunately, many aren't. Yahoo is decent in my opinion though.

    Of course you have to take into consideration whether or not it is the reporter/writer's opinions who are being expressed or if it is the network's views and the reporter is just the middle man (as is the case with Fox News). Usually with online material you may find some reporters who are credible and some who aren't within in the same organization.
  3. Vote for Hillary Clinton because she has the experience and intelligence to be a good President. Do not be bias.
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    Not That Bob
    Down on FOX again, are we ? They must be doing something right. Hilary, is scared to go on. Truth will out.

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