Yahoo Publisher or Google Adsense, your choice and why?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by mobile_wireless_news, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I am simply curious which you use and why. I use Yahoo and find that they load alot faster then Adsense. I find Adsense pulls up alot of blank ad space.
  2. tedjordan Guest

    i use them both...response has been about the same for both (very little). I may try MSN's. I guess ASK is going to do one too.
  3. imisidro Guest

    I experimented using both Adsense and YPN on the same new site -- two months using Adsense and two months month using YPN. Traffic patterns have not changed much (no significant increase of traffic in the second month).

    In one month, using YPN the site earned $50

    Using the same exact colors, same layout and same implementation overall, Google Adsense earned for the site $50 in ONE week, or about 4x as much as YPN. Loading is not as important as the payout and breadth of advertisers that Adsense has.

    I dumped the YPN and used Adsense exclusively. It may load a little slower than YPN but Adsense brings for me 4x as much income as YPN. So I'll stick with what works for the site. Plus, I already have a Google rep that I can consult with and talk to regarding site optimization. The quality of assistance I get from Adsense is so much better than YPN, even though YPN allows you to call them.

    I suggest you conduct your own experiment and see which of the two works better for you. Only by doing your own test can you actually learn which is better. It is hard to get opinions from folks here at YA or other Webmaster forums because our topics are different and our implementations are different
  4. tim d Guest

    tim d
    google adsense because i tried them and they are good and better know.
  5. Jill B Guest

    Jill B
    Adsense has better payout!

    Google Adsense - It works well and on a few of my sites I make $700 to $900 per month!
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