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Discussion in 'Google' started by Naruto Maniac, May 9, 2008.

  1. Is it possible to get a cord that hooks up to your tv and laptop so you can watch youtube videos on your tv.
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    buck s
    if your laptop has a graphic card that supports s video out and your tv supports sv in thats all you need , set your laptops graphic card to the 800 x 600 resolution unless you have a high def tv and enable the 2nd mon option , and your all set
  3. yeah, in my school, the teachers computers are hooked up to the tv so we can watch online documentaries and power points.

    what the actual cord is....i dont know.
    but its so possible. good idea!
  4. Youtube what give more question about your question, you know? So for an example: Should I go and get an account on Youtube? Something like that, ok? Now I have an account on YouTube, YouTube is sooooooo funny. But first things first you shouldn't have to ask people if u want to visit YouTube. I didn't have ask people. I just thought it was funny so i just went and got an account.So i hope that answers your quetion and even though it seems like I am a teenager I am really 10(preteen). So bye.

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