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    Want to make more money?
    Out of Ideas to get people to your Website?
    Want targeted traffic without much work?

    I am a video editor that gets 45% (Quality) traffic from Youtube (and 12 other video sites). I offered to do some videos for a friend in order to promote his site and now it seems to be taking off. I have had success at Youtube but like everything else in life ? it takes work and much of it is Luck. (some youtube videos show up 1st on google)

    I am now offering a Video Marketing Service for all types of Business. For the price, I am talking about some basic (yet effective) videos, usually with photos, credits, music and if you have it(your voice). All sites get guaranteed traffic this way. Lingerie, Network Marketing, Pharmacy etc and almost any niche market can benefit. Anything sexy like Massage and Lingerie are excellent(I don?t do porno or anything dodgy so DO NOT ASK). I find it works excellent for direct affiliates, in fact, links posted on youtube have delivered me all my sales from Clickbank, and 3 sales in the last month, which is amazing since I am not even working on it. Personalizing the video, instead of stealing anothers works much, much better.

    I will make one video, then I will tweak that 1 Video to give you 3 different versions, so you can place it on youtube etc 3 times(avoid duplicate Video issues), with 3 different titles. This will give you 3 times the effect. I will concentrate on NICHE, not volume.

    I will open accounts in 10 of the most popular video sites, and Submit the videos. I will then give you the account usernames and passwords and you can add different titles, tags etc to all 3 videos. That?s 30 URLS to work with. Your URL will appear in the video as many times as you want it to.

    The prices start at 95 Euro, anything complicated or extra and we will negotiate. Most companies charge 100?s, but as I am trying to finance a trip around the globe, it will be a good deal for both of us.

    OH YA
    You also get to keep the video, to put it on your site, or to market yourself. It will be sent to you via Megaupload on a Quicktime or WMV ? whichever you feel is best. If you are just starting off on your Website journey, don?t worry. I will explain everything. All payments are made through Paypal, the easiest way to pay.

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