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  1. .:xxRachxx:. Guest

    i would really appreiate it if someone would help me :(
    OK so i made a video using 'Windows Movie Maker' and i want to upload it on 'YouTube' but it says error and that it is the wrong format file, how do i change it so it will work on 'YouTube'
    Please Please Please help me its a video i made for my best friends as we leave school and wont see each other anymore :(
    please please please help !
    Thank You xXx
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  3. nlk613 Guest

    All right you can " Save your File" or on the corner right do " Publish your video" and then you can upload it. Hope this helped :p
  4. ok im not totally sure but this mite wrk.
    i really want to no the answer ot thisquestion cause i have the sameproblem but this is wat i wud do

    go to
    follow the directions on the help thing but u have to clik on browse and clik on the movie u made
    then put the input type it is
    and change it to another output type
    confusing i cant explain it on this but if u go to the help part of it u wud figure it out
  5. Ju?t m? Guest

    Ju?t m?
    When you finish your movie, first you have to EXPORT it. Then you can choose the correct format (avi.;mpg;mpeg etc.). If you don't choose this method, just "save & exit" then the video file will bes saved in .mov file. YouTube probably can't handle that kind of format.
  6. Joseph W Guest

    Joseph W
    Did you check the requirements for video uploads on the tube? It should be pretty easy, just download a file converter...

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