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  1. aka Guest

    I have an acount on youtube but i dont how to download vids to utube
    pls help
  2. Ari. N Guest

    Ari. N
    If you want to know how to upload video on youtube then do as follows:

    Sign in to your account
    You will see tabs such as
    Home Videos Channels Community
    On the extreme right side you will see a tab UPLOAD click on it.
    Then a new page will be opened where you will see
    Title: (here give a nice title to your video)
    Description: (Here explain about your video)
    Video Category(give a proper category such as if it is about song choose Music etc)
    Tags;(most important place if your video is about song, write title, singer, other details. what ever you will write here the search engine will find from these tags, if your tags are proper more people could watch your video)

    Broadcast Options (here choose options you like)on right side

    Date and Map Options (here give proper details if you want) right side

    Sharing Options ( I do not touch here but you can do as you like)

    Now two Tab
    Upload a video or Use quick capture(use upload a video)

    Before doing all above
    Gather following information:
    Your video put in a folder such as My Video on Desk top so during upload you can browse easily.
    Give a nice title to video that attract people
    Write a note what this video is all about so you can enter during uploading in Description.

    I hope this will be enough. If you still need any help send mail to

    I wish you success.

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