Discussion in 'Google' started by ?eLiZaBeTh?, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. ?eLiZaBeTh? Guest

    Who has a youtube account? I do. If you do have you ever seen the girl fights? OMG they are hilarious.
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  3. secretcode6 Guest

  4. Samantha Guest

    my husbad has an account just so he can watch his stupid anime. I haven't had a chance to get on it yet.
  5. cool.they are crazy!what is the website called again
  6. I have an account! They ARE funny!
  7. T17Chrs Guest

    Yes I Do But No I HAve Not Seen The Girl Fight video. Must Be Funny
  8. CraZyCaT Guest

    I only visit U tube, I don't live there.
  9. mandie Guest

    lol nope but they sound pretty funny..
  10. VetteLeo Guest

    i've seen this one before.. and i must say it's the BEST girlfight i have ever seen online! good find! you should also check out for some more fights and just flat out crazy videos.
  11. xxXJokerXxx Guest

    I watch the fights, some are funny, some are brutal, and sum just flat out suck!

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