Discussion in 'Google' started by sarah, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. sarah Guest

    I just signed on youtube, and I was wondering, is there a way to make your videos private so only your friends to see? Because I only want one other person to see my videos and....well yeah. Thanks in advance!
  2. HashooM? Guest

    yes you can!
    go to options, privacy.. i did it before
  3. LilahFairy Guest

    there is an option to set for friends only.

    you need to have friends in order for people to view if private. & in the account you go to :

    & there is a button where you can "hide" your videos from the public. or if you go to your videos & click "edit" there is "Broadcast Options" &click "Choose Options" you have to hit "private."

    Scroll down to where it says "Broadcast Options" and click "Choose Options"

    i hope this helps & i hope thats what you were looking for.
  4. sleepygamer Guest

    It's easy. Make sure the other person is your youtube friend, then click on your video link, and on the right there should be a, "Edit this video" link to click.

    Click that.

    Scroll down to where it says "Broadcast Options" and click "Choose Options"

    Then click on Private. And then you can choose which friends can view that video.

    Hope that helps!
  5. Hi668 Guest

    Sorry! You must show everyone your videos.
  6. Jen Guest

    yes there should be an option when your loading a video on there to make it only viewable to the people you choose
  7. Rodeo Guest

    Yes when you upload them, one of the questions you have to 'tick' is public or friends only. thats no problem. :)
  8. dadscutie96 Guest

    umm well only keep your videos on for a while, then when they seen it, delete it.

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