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  1. youran_lee Guest

    I have a youtube account (no vids yet). (im bout to get some videos.) so, how do I get youtube layouts and where do i get youtube layouts??? and does anyone wanna be my friend in youtube? cuz i only have 4 and 2 are pending.

    #1: where do you get youtube layouts and how do you set the layout to be on your homepage? (like myspace, but i know how to do myspace)

    #2: anyone bother to have a friend whos about to post sumthing (lol! but im desperate...)

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  3. 4udr3y Guest

    To add a background image or edit the fonts, colours etc, go to your profile page, called your "Public Channel" (you can go there by clicking on your screen name at the top of the page).

    In your profile, click on "edit channel" then go to "channel design".

    You can experiment with the page layout (there are several styles to choose from), and stuff.

    As for the back ground image, note the "Background Image (URL)" option... copy and paste the URL of the image that you want. If you don't already have an image that comes with a URL, save it on and the site will generate one for you.

    As for the friend thing, I'll add you to my friends list if you want. ^_^

    Good luck.

    p.s. I don't think there's any ready-made layout for YouTube like they do for MySpace. Sorry.
  4. Laura Guest

    can you please be my freind and watch, comment and rate my videos! my user name is layyyy
    what is your user name please send me a measage on youtube

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