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  1. Anyone with a youtube account please watch and comment my new video I would really apreciate it, best comment about the vid gets the 10!!!
    to the guy in the third spot, I GO TO CHURCH THANK YOU,
  2. I was the first viewer and I rated it a 5

    Exact comment you will see in YouTube:

    LOL! It's always funny to see stickmen videos! Pretty funny, good song too! And the credits are pretty funny too! Yeah, I've read the whole thing as well! Sounds like this Nick Dejohn is a big homo or something! LOL!
  3. Chaos Theory Guest

    Chaos Theory
    HAHAHAHA. The movie was weird and the musics timing was off at the very begining of the violence, but ROFL over the credits!!!
  4. TristanicGee Guest

    Are Emo People That Violent? I think You should go to church. But it's a cool animation.

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