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  1. How do you download a background onto youtube and what is a URL?????
  2. dze Guest

    a url is the adress in ur adress bar ... and its not clear what u want to do .. to download a youtube video use youtubex ...
  3. TuttiDolce Guest

    you go to your youtube profile. then click on the yellow button that says edit channel. then you change the page to Channel design on the left hand side and scroll down until you see Background Url under Advanced Design Customization. copy the background URL you want (just search for a picture you want on photobucket and copy the address on the web page). copy and paste it and scroll down and press update

    hope this helped
  4. Lala Guest


    for the download use top link

    and put the address of your browser and click go
    it will download the video
  5. Michael M Guest

    Michael M
    love it and cannot help you on this one.

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